Wild -N- Gruene, TX



Welcome to Gruene, TX!

My friend Kaleia and I decided to take a day trip to Gruene, TX one Saturday morning when we were surprisingly not hungover. Any Texas native can tell you, that it could take an entire lifetime to travel to all of the wonders- small and big, in Texas. It takes over twelve hours just for me to get from my home in League City, (Southeast Houston) to the Texas New Mexico border! Fortunately, we were coming from Austin so it only took about 45 minutes.

Gruene is your epitome of a small Texas town, founded by German immigrants but rooted by a love for country music. Any famous old country star has played at the Gruene Dance Hall. Anyone from Johnny Cash to George Strait, and they are still hosting country stars, famous and coming up, to this day.

The main downtown area of Gruene is literally two streets. The main street (Hunter Road) is filled with shops and restaurants featuring local artists of all kinds. There is also the General Store, which is exactly what it sounds like. A store filled with a little bit of everything from home made salsas, marinades, pastries, to signs, t-shirts, and magnets. If you want to feel like you’re in the early 1900’s, walk into the General Store. Don’t forget they still serve coffee for five cents!



After wandering around some of the other shops in town, Kaleia and I decided to head to the Gruene Dance hall to listen to some live music. I am so glad we did! There was a band called Sol Patch, based out of Fredricksburg, Tx that has a jazzy blues and gospel influence. Melissa Weatherly’s voice was deep, raspy, and absolutely captivating. If you ever hear of Sol Patch playing in your town, go see them. I wish we could’ve stayed all day, but as usual other plans had been made, so our spontaneous trip had to be cut a little short.


I’m glad we went, and I look forward to going back, but next time I will be camping on the Guadalupe River, which runs right through town! Until next time…





For more information on Gruene, click on the hyperlink at the top of the page.

Directions to Gruene:

Gruene Map


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