Wild-N-West Texas

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My parents built a cabin out on their property in Crockett County, TX. Labor Day weekend my dad planned a dove hunting trip, which was intended as a “guys trip” but I decided to invite myself. I am so glad I went, I absolutely love it out there. 

I took this picture around 1 am. We all had a long day hunting and drinking at the Pecos River. The guys were just hanging out star gazing and I of course was shooting nonstop because the Milky Way was blasting! 

Wild -N- Weather 2


Ditch | 270 | League City, TX

Around 6:45 Sunday night, my boyfriend’s phone went off, alerting us that a funnel cloud was spotted in League City, which is where we live. The funnel cloud was only about 2 miles from our house give or take. 

Although it kind of freaked me out, I couldn’t help but want to go chase it. We waited a little too long, not leaving for another 40 minutes or so. Initially when we heard the news, we stepped outside and the sky looked absolutely crazy. No matter what direction you looked the weather was different. We couldn’t take our eyes off of it.

This picture was taken after I finally convinced Matt to drive me around so I could click away. While we were driving around, I was in awe at how quickly the weather can change. The clouds and sunset made for some beautiful colors, however, the feeling throughout town was very eerie. Fortunately, there was only minor wind damage.

Here are a couple other photos I captured:

Sunset | 96 bridge | League City, TX.

Easy street | League City, TX


Wild -N- Weather


This past week has been hectic for the city of Houston. Many homes have been flooded and roadways are still standing with water. Fortunately, most of the coastal areas in southeast of Houston haven’t had any flooding issues. 

This photo was taken on Tuesday morning in Seabrook, TX. As you can see, a storm was halfway blowing in. On the right it was raining, on the left the sun was fighting to shine. Our weather has always been unpredictable down here. One minute it’s storming, the next it’s 85 degrees and sunshine. 

Donations and volunteer opportunities are available for the flood victims through Red Cross.