Yesterday, (12.08.17) it snowed in Houston, TX. I haven’t seen snow here since Christmas Eve in 2004! I woke up at 4:30 am and couldn’t believe it had actually stuck to the ground! Here’s a couple of photos I snapped before it melted.

Snow Day_2017-2Snow Day_2017-3Snow Day_2017-5Snow Day_2017-6


Wild-N-Jim Beam


I had the pleasure of shooting the Jim Beam Social 51 Pop Up at B&B Butchers off of Washington Avenue in Houston, TX last night. Our city is filled with parties and people for Super Bowl 51! It’s very exciting for us Houstonians. The city is so alive this week! Here are some of the shots I got last night. Stay tuned, I’ll be shooting at least three more events this weekend!

Coco Crepes, Waffles, & Coffee


I started working as a photographer for SMJ Productions,  who has a contract from UberEats. I get to go to amazing restaurants and food trucks all over Houston and photograph the dishes they plan to offer for delivery through UberEats. It’s a sweet gig! 

I had the pleasure of photographing some amazing crepes and waffles at Coco Crepes, Waffles & Coffee in Rice Village yesterday. The food is not only beautifully plated, but delicious as well! They have three locations throughout Houston and you HAVE to check them out! 

This is the White Chocolate Raspberry Crepe. 

This was an overall shot I captured of all the dishes I got to photograph. 


Harvest Moon Regatta

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The Harvest Moon Regatta is a sailboat race that started back in the 1980’s in Galveston, TX. It was a conversation between two sailors on how to get more people sailing and racing. It started out with under 20, and now today there’s about 150+. The race begins at Pleasure Pier on Galveston Island, then to Port Aransas! 

I had the pleasure of shooting some photos of their take off! 

Surfside Storm


These photos were taken about a month ago in surfside, TX. I was hoping to capture star trails, but a storm rolled in, the lightning was lighting up the sky and I couldn’t help myself but to capture the storm instead. I’ve always had a love for storms, I find them to be so intriguing. It’s a feeling of being inferior to nature. Sometimes we forget how small we really are, nature and storms are always a reminder to remain humble.

If something beautiful is happening, capture it; For it is frozen in time, as a reminder of the places we’ve been, the moments we have lived, and the adventure that life is.

Wild-N-West Texas

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My parents built a cabin out on their property in Crockett County, TX. Labor Day weekend my dad planned a dove hunting trip, which was intended as a “guys trip” but I decided to invite myself. I am so glad I went, I absolutely love it out there. 

I took this picture around 1 am. We all had a long day hunting and drinking at the Pecos River. The guys were just hanging out star gazing and I of course was shooting nonstop because the Milky Way was blasting!